FASystem integration platform
— is a modern and reliable software and hardware access control system including face recognition technology and cluster fault-tolerant structure and high throughput. The solution architecture is focused on integration with any third-party systems.

Today face recognition solutions have appeared on the market and their quality allows to create commercial projects. The developers of these solutions are working on the improvement of identification algorithms, speed enhancing and reliability. It is assumed that all other tasks to integrate this technology into any existing business cases will be performed by someone else. Thanks to this, cooperation becomes possible in which technology is transformed into a final product that is relevant to the financial and security sectors.
Techvision company offers
professional help and support in launching solutions with face recognition technology. Its competences are formed from the experience of the founders:

Svyazcom LLC (Mobilfon group) http://svyazcom.ru
The company develops and integrates its own high-load solutions for telecommunication business (platforms and services for mobile operators, transit operators, content and service providers).
Svyazcom has more than 150 completed installations in the countries of the Customs Union, Europe and Asia. Company provides technical support 24/7, preparation of products according to individual customer requirements, adaptation to the network infrastructure, updates, training personnel and expert consultation in Russian and English.
The company products are characterized by high productivity and reliability (reliability requirements of telecommunication solutions are, as a rule, from 99.9%) minimal integration period, easy integration and scalability.

STOPSYSTEMS group http://stopsystems.ru
STOPSYSTEMS has been successfully operating in the IT systems market for over 15 years.
STOPSYSTEMS LLC implements large scale projects in the field of designing, updating and maintenance of technical safety and communication systems as well as automation of engineering infrastructure.
STOPSYSTEMS group is mainly focused on modern solutions in the field of complex integration of various safety and comfort management systems.
Company's clients are large metal manufacturers, restricted access facilities, complexes with a large flow of visitors, geographically distributed holdings.
Advantages of Techvision solutions
  • liveness definition function (the system distinguishes a live person from its image);
  • flexible setting and update to customer parameters, integration with third-party software, currently available access control and human resource management as well as document management systems;
  • competencies in the design and development of high-load, fault-tolerant systems;
  • web-interface design can be updated to meet customer requirements;
  • reports generated in the interface can be modified to meet customer requirements;
  • 24×7×365 support.
VisionLabs competitive advantages
FASystem platform is based on VisionLabs liveness definition technology https://visionlabs.ai

VisionLabs is one of the world leaders in computer vision and machine learning systems. Its flagship product is the LUNA PLATFORM for face recognition which is today used by more than 40 banks and national credit bureaus in Russia and the CIS.

VisionLabs face recognition technology includes modern advances in computer vision, image processing, neural networks and machine learning. The key point in recognition is to extract some unique face descriptor from the portrait photo. However, this description does not depend on such objective factors as a variety of angles, changes in lighting, background and differences in camera quality.

The VisionLabs LUNA PLATFORM recognizes faces with the accuracy that allows the company to enter top 3 world leaders according to independent testing (LFW benchmark). The LUNA PLATFORM recognizes gender, age, such attributes as beard, glasses which is extremely important in real projects. Only in Russia and the CIS data streams from approximately one million cameras are processed with the use of this technology.

The company's clients are Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, Post Bank, Otkritie Bank and other banks that are already using face recognition technology to improve the quality of customer service in branches, ATMs and mobile applications.
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