Biometric access control system for employees
Access to the territory, the office, restricted areas by face.
Improving the reliability of employee identification.
No specific hardware requirements.
Passive surveillance in restricted areas to identify unauthorized persons.
Avoiding permanent and one-time access cards.
Increase employee satisfaction.
Protection against the exchange of magnetic access cards.
No physical contact with the equipment. Fault tolerance increases and the operating cost decreases.
Working time tracking system
Objective working time tracking.
Improving labour discipline.
Responsiveness in emergency investigations.
Taking the time tracking system to payback indicators.
Monitoring compliance with the requirements of Labor Protection Law.
Staff counting during the evacuation.
Identify violators of access mode.
Employees control.
Combining the staff databases
Combining the staff databases for all objects of the holding.
Secure access to company data and employee credentials.
Authorization of the employees in the company information systems only when they pass to workplaces through the biometric access control system.
No risk of password transfer and unauthorized access to employee account.
Work through the convenient web-interface
Notification of important events (appearance of an unwanted person in the camera zone).
The card of a passed\authorized person is displayed automatically.
Report on time spent by employees in a particular area.
Visual representation of the company territory with the number of people in the particular zone. On-line person location.
Displaying the route of a particular employee for the observed period (colour tracking movement).
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